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Creating debug configuration

System Workbench for STM32 – Bare Metal Edition provides a debug launcher to remotely debug your built project in your target. To create a new debug configuration, right-click on the project in the "Project Explorer" tab and select Debug As -> Debug configuration....

Or by selecting your project then click on the arrow on the right or the debug icon -> Debug configuration....

A New windows with the supported debug configuration is displayed. Please click on"Ac6 STM32 debugging" to create the new launch configuration.

The launch configuration is automatically filled. If your project has been built (binary file is detected in your project folder), you can immediately connect your board and debug your project.


The Main page of the Debug dialog box, identifies the project and application you want to run or debug.


The Debugger page of the Debug dialog box lets you select a debugger and the OpenOCD to use when debugging an application. Do not modify the value if you want to use the tools from System Workbench for STM32 – Bare Metal .

If you have a custom OpenOCD script or if the script is not detected, you can either select :
- "Use local script" and indicate your own OpenOCD configuration script (for more information, please refer the OpenOCD user documentation)
- "Manual Spec" and enter the debug device and interface.


The Startup page of the Debug dialog box lets you configure the debugger initialization command, runtime option and to add optional run commands.


The Source page of the Debug dialog box lets you specify the location of source files used when debugging a C or C++ application. By default, this information is taken from the build path of your project.


The Common page of the Debug dialog box lets you specify the location in which to store your run configuration and how you access it, how standard input and output is handled, and if background launches are enabled or not.