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Configuring build settings

System Workbench for STM32 creates C/C++ preconfigured projects. You can modify or add build options to the projects.

The properties can be obtained for projects, folders and separate files. To select object properties, right click on object in view and select “Properties”.

C/C++ Settings

To define the build settings, click on “C/C++ Build” in the project properties windows then select “Settings”. In this panel, you can configure the build tools, the build artifacts and steps settings.

In the “Tool Settings” tab, the build options and commands are displayed. You can change build settings and add additional option flags for the compiler, linker and assembler tool.

In the “Build Steps” tab, prebuild and postbuild commands can be added.

In the “Build Artifact”, you can change the name and extention of the project output

In the “Target” tab, the chosen target is displayed. Changing target is not recommended. If you work with the ST firmware, many options won’t be matching to your project anymore. If you want to work on another target, we advise you to create a new project then copy the similar source code.

Path and Symbols

On this page, the include path, the symbols while building and the reference C/C++ project can be set. To access to this page, click on “C/C++ General” the select “Paths and Symbols”.

Although you can edit include path and symbols on the “C/C++ Build”>”Settings”>”Tool Settings”, we recommend you to set your include path in this panel because the general indexer and the tool settings will be updated.

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