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Creating a custom board

If you have designed your own board based on a STM32 chip, System Workbench for STM32 offers you to create your custom board definition.

To create a new board, click on “Create a new custom board” on the new project wizard third screen instead of selecting an existing board. A new window is then displayed.

You can import new board from existing board definition (xml format) or create a new board.
While creating a project with a custom board, the definition file (*.xml) and the OpenOCD script (*.cfg) are generated into the project directory. Share these files to export the board into another workstation. The generated OpenOCD script might not be valid your target, please edit it to adapt it for your board.

From definition file

Select “Import from definition file” to import a new board.

Define custom board
  1. Select “Define new board” to create your new board.
  2. Enter the new board name (special characters and underscore are forbidden).
  3. Select the STM32 chip serie.
  4. Select the MCU used on the custom board.
  5. Select the debug device and interface.

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