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Our engineering services

Our experienced teams can also develop parts of your embedded systems, in fields that are not your main domains of expertise, that is primarily at the BSP (Board Support Package) level.

Ac6 is able to develop components running either on your embedded ystem or on controlling equipments:

  • Control components
    • Architecting and designingQuestion embedded control software
    • Developing Linux or Windows drivers to interface a controlling equipment to your embedded system
    • Developing Android HAL or Framework components to allow Android applications to control your embedded system
  • Embedded Software components:
    • Porting an RTOS (like FreeRTOS) on your own board
    • Installing inetrface stacks on your base software (like lwIP, USB stacks...)
  • Linux and WindowsQuestion
    • Porting or intalling the OS on your board
    • Writing or adapting drivers to your needs

You will find more details on the http://www.ac6-conseil.com/content.php/content_Engineering.xphpQuestion website.

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