System Workbench for STM32

fail to start debug after update eclipse CDT to 9.4.2, error message "ST-Link server not installed"

more update information.
tried to uninstall SystemWorkbentch from eclipse, and re-install as plugin from “Help”->”Install New Software”. Doesn’t help.

From “Help” -> “About Eclipse” :: “Installation Details” .
find fr.ac6.feature.mcu.externaltools.stlinkserver
installed as Version:
under .p2/pool/features/fr.ac6.feature.mcu.externaltools.stlinkserver_1.0.2.201801120948/

But still, from “Debug Configuration” , “Debugger” , “ST-Link Client Setup”,
see the read line of “ST-Link Server not installed on this machine”

Anyone can help?