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FreeRTOS API function calling from ISR

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I have a project that uses FreeRTOS 10.0.1.

There is a problem: when I try to call a function with ‘ISR’ suffix from interrupt service routine the macros configASSERT catches mismatch between priority that ISR has and priority that is permissible.

The project was generated by CubeMX v5.1.0. The LIBRARY_LOWEST_INTERRUPT_PRIORITY is set to 15, the configLIBRARY_MAX_SYSCALL_INTERRUPT_PRIORITY is set to 5. Interrupt that is served by the ISR has priority 8. It’s seems that parameters are proper. Am I wrong?

I have excluded the checking and the code works properly now, but I am doubting, is it correctly? Why macros gave an error?



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