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openOCD with GDB: how to ignore interrupt and how to make openOCD FreeRTOS aware?


In my application, I am using FreeRTOS underlying CMSIS-RTOS API. I am facing two issues related to RTOS and interrupts while debugging. whenever I start debuggig my application, debugger alaway go to interrupt hence I can not step in or step over other functions. I want to some how mask interrupt before step in and after stepping in, interrupt should be unmasked so that my application works properly. I read some post where it suggested to give a command

  cortex_m maskisr auto 

from openOCD DocumentationQuestion

but it gives me error while debudding.

 Error in final launch sequence
Failed to execute MI command:
cortex_m maskisr auto
Error message from debugger back end:
Undefined command: "cortex_m". 

I have written this command in Debug Configuration > Startups > Run Commands dialog box.

The second issue is, I want to make openOCD FreeRTOS aware. I have followed a blogpostQuestion and made a change in the script stm32f7xx.cfg. (this script is at location “C:\Ac6\SystemWorkbench\plugins\fr.ac6.mcu.debug_2.4.0.201902141520\resources\openocd\st_scripts\target”). So, I wrote in that script.

 $_TARGETNAME -rtos auto configure -work-area-phys 0x20000000 -work-area-size $_WORKAREASIZE -work-area-backup 0  

But I am getting an error

 Error: invalid subcommand "-rtos auto configure -work-area-phys 0x20000000 -work-area-size 0x8000 -work-area-backup 0"
in procedure 'script' 
at file "embedded:startup.tcl", line 60
at file "comm_card_2 Debug.cfg", line 29
in procedure 'STM32F746ZGTx.cpu' called at file "C:/Ac6/SystemWorkbench/plugins/fr.ac6.mcu.debug_2.4.0.201902141520/resources/openocd/st_scripts/target/stm32f7x.cfg", line 68 

can anyone please tell me how to resolve these issues?

I am using:

openOCD(for 32bits Windows) version: 1.22.0.xxx

System Workbench for STM32 - C/C++ Embedded Development Tools for MCU

Eclipse GDB Hardware Debugging

System Workbench for STM32 - C/C++ Debugging Tools for MCU

MCU: STM32F746ZGTx (Arm Cortex-M7)
Board: NUCLEO-F746ZG 

Thanks in advance



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