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Compiling Demonstration for 32L0538DISCOVERY on SW4STM32


Hi Shirokuma, first you have to choose a complete template or better an example.
All examples Application and templates have AC6 setting. Demonstration has no AC6 settings, hope ST can supply this in the future.

So the fast way can be pick one project, I suggest USB to avoid miss important settings. (Application USB_Device DFU_Standalone)
Try import compile and test.
At this point copy and paste project. (ctrl C ctrl V or from menus copy and paste)

On project copy, start add files from demonstration.
Clean compile and see what still is missing from, open :-> project-explorer -> Property for xxxxxx
C/C++ general -> Paths and Symbols
tabs Includes and Source Locations
add path to missing Folder and library or sources

if reference is not under project root:
Select folder where it has to be (example Src or Inc) right click mouse on folder then select “new file” on popup select Advanced
select check box “link to file in file system” use button browse to select file, when done press button finish.

- *** - *** --- ***
- *** - *** --- ***
(Maybe folder naming where different on your system)
Open repository directory:
copy folder SW4STM32 then paste to
CD to
rename STM32L053C8_USBxxxxx to STM32L053C8_Demonstrations then CD to folder STM32L053C8_Demonstrations/Debug
keep STM32L053C8Tx_FLASH.ld, STM32L0538DISCOVERY.xml, .project .cproject and folder .settings select other things and delete.

edit both .project and .cproject
subst STM32L053C8_USBxxxxx with STM32L053C8_Demonstrations

rename or adapt Applications to Demonstrations, check subdir depth and adapt to new one (projects Applications has subfolder projects Demonstrations not).
import and clean then try compile.
May be some dependances still where uncovered but can be adjusted on settings.
Also file .project and .cproject can be edited as XML on workbench open as file not project. When ready import.
If this doesn’t work tell again.
Best regards


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