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STM32 use of HAL library in project

Hi guys,
So I used an example of the HAL library to configure an input capture with a timer on a stm32f373vct6 microcontroller.
Now I want to include this example in my project, but when I do so and try to build the compiler says :
Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol HAL_TIM_IC_Init (referred from)

I properly included the stm32f3xx_hal.h library and the stm32f3xx_hal_conf.h but still it does not work.
From previous thread(https://community.st.com/s/question/0D50X00009XkhxaSAB/error-l6218e-undefined-symbol-haladcinit-referred-from-maino) I saw that you need to define some params.
I went into the stm32f3xx_hal_conf.h library, and removed the ifdef condition for the stm32f3xx_hal_tim.h library but still it does not work.

Thank you for the help !


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