System Workbench for STM32

Missing include files after importing example project [SOLVED]

Im just opened the deveopment kit, STM32F746 Discovery Kit. After going through the guide I opened the example project (STM32746G_DISCOVERY) with the SW4STM32. And when I tired to build the project it complained about a missing header file, and when I looked into the Includes I can see that there a several of greyed out files missing (look at the attached image). And the location where it looks for them seems very inconvenient to me as there are no folders or files relating to them there.

I saw an eralier forum thread suggested to try rebuild the index, but that didn’t work for me. Still unresolved include files. So where are these files supposed to be? Have I missed to install the board, or should the board and all of the relevant files be installed with the software SW4STM32?