System Workbench for STM32

Workaround: increase "set remotetimeout" in GDB - STLINK-V2 - SWD

Workaround: increase “set remotetimeout” in GDB

Any pointers on why this happens and were we “set remotetimeout” in GDB with System Workbench?

I found the setting, just add the variable to the GDB tab on he project

Could you describe in detail where you entered this variable? I can not dismantle this warning.


when I use command in Debugger Console: “show remotetimeout”
I received answer: “Timeout limit to wait for target to respond is 2.”

Why in the message:
Warn : keep_alive() was not invoked in the 1000ms timelimit. GDB alive packet not sent! (4517). Workaround: increase “set remotetimeout” in GDB
is the information about 1000ms?