System Workbench for STM32

Application stops after reset

Hi everyone,
I have created a custom board with STM32L072CZ and trying to flash through UART which is successful as I can see my application LED blinking immediately but as soon as I reset it our power off and turn it on again, the application LED stops to work but when I check in the memory using the flash software, I see all the memory bits intact.

Please help.

Looks into your startup file .s to see what it do on a Reset !

When you say “I see all the memory bits intact” do you mean the program is in flash, or all the memory reads back as blank / FF’s?
If the later, you are probably writing to and attempting to boot from internal ram.
If the program is in flash and verifies properly,then there may be an issue with your RCC configuration - the boot loader programming via UART sets the clock to be internal osc, your app may not be configuring RCC properly.