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LL and HAL in project, HELP ME!

Hello, How Can I configure project, when I want to use HAL and LL in one project. LL drivers not activated.
If I add Symbol: USE_FULL_LL_DRIVER, compiler hasn’t any defines...

I have STM32F401RE and I use FW V1.16

Please help me :-(

Hello, that is a eclipse issue, eclipse is not indexing all the source files, to fix that:

1) make sure that the USE_FULL_LL_DRIVER is defined under Project->Properties->Settings->MCU GCC Compiler->Symbols “Defined symbols (-D)”

2) At this point you should be able to compile, but if you want to get rid of all the eclipse errors then go to Project->Properties->C/C++ General->Path and symbols->source location , here open the folder /{project_name}/HAL_Driver this folder has some filters, delete all of them,

3) Then go to Project->C\C++ Index and Rebuild

4) Clean and compile !



Thanks for answer, I did this, compile is correct, but if I write in main. - SystemClockConfig I have still errors.
Header files for LL drivers I put to the main.h

on the picture I can see tha some source files are as shortcuts so they are no really on your workspace , so you can delete the shortcut and copy the file to your workspace or add the path of those files to the source location were you deleted the filters