System Workbench for STM32

CC1310/CC1310F128 and its ARM CORTEX M3 main cpu

hello alll
my fisrt step win arm cortex
firstly, i bought a launch pad from ti in order to program cc1310 310

everything looks ok. then i bought cc1310 break out boards i tried to use launchpad xl from ti to program them buy without success. ti forum send me to other topic forums and nobody helped me with the communication error between launch pad and cc1310. so i decided t put apart ti tools and i bought a st link v2
in order to progtam the cc1310 using it.

does anyone tried this already?

should i use the reset pin of the cortex m3?

any tips from you?

i am also thinking to use the open sourcw burning software and be far away from ti software. what do you think?

thanks a lot


Series: CC1310
Part Number: CC1310F128 SM

includes an 32 bit ARM CORTEX M3(main cpu) and an ARM CORTEX M0 to drive transceiver (rf core) driven by main cmu using api