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HTTPD Server - fsdata.c issue

For some reason, the forum won’t let me post the rest of my code and question. The code turns purple and doesn’t show up in the preview screen. I don’t see code tags so I don’t know how to show the lines of code where the compiler is flagging the errors.

There is a for loop in fs.c where the compiler says the html files are being redefined. The code at that point is apparently reading the files in and parsing them out. But the compiler seems to think the files are being redefiined at that point. If there was a way of posting code, I could show exactly where the error is.

The fsdata.c file defines them this way:

static const unsigned char data__programming_html[] = {
/* /programming.html (18 chars) */

static const unsigned char data__related_html[] = {
/* /related.html (14 chars) */

Is there a document available that has instructions on how to setup a Web Server using System Workbench? I’ve searched but haven’t really turned up any useful information. I do find some stuff for LWIP v1.0.1. But I assume System Workbench is using some variation of v2.x.x