SW4STM32 and SW4Linux fully supports the STM32MP1 asymmetric multicore Cortex/A7+M4 MPUs

   With System Workbench for Linux, Embedded Linux on the STM32MP1 family of MPUs from ST was never as simple to build and maintain, even for newcomers in the Linux world. And, if you install System Workbench for Linux in System Workbench for STM32 you can seamlessly develop and debug asymmetric applications running partly on Linux, partly on the Cortex-M4.
You can get more information from the ac6-tools website and download (registration required) various documents highlighting:

System Workbench for STM32

stm32 billet

Github: https://github.com/itechtv/F767_WebControllerQuestion

youtube: https://youtu.be/lx6RB74Y36UQuestion

Project Goal: Our goal is to empower electricians, even those without programming knowledge, to automate homes, apartments, or greenhouses effortlessly.
The “stm32 billet” project offers an exciting opportunity for individuals with various skills and backgrounds to collaborate and create something extraordinary. Whether you’re a designer, programmer, or simply bursting with creative ideas, there’s a place for you in our project!

We want to emphasize that everyone is welcome to join us, regardless of their programming skills. If you have valuable ideas that are feasible, we can definitely work together to bring them to life. Let’s unite our efforts to make this project widely accessible and as affordable as possible for all users!

The ‘stm32 billet’ project provides complete freedom as it’s open source, and we are committed to supporting it for as long as possible. We welcome constructive criticism and eagerly await innovative suggestions and solutions from all participants.

Having such a foundation will make it easy for you to realize your automation dreams, using protocols like MODBUS, I2C, CAN, and more.

If you’re a designer without previous experience with STM32, don’t worry. We’re more than willing to adapt the project under your guidance. We don’t just need a beautiful design; we aim for a stylish and user-friendly one!

We’re in search of programmers who can enhance and optimize our code because we believe there’s room for improvement. We’re also looking for individuals with expertise in board wiring. Currently, we’re using the Nucleo stm32f767zi board, and our plan is to create a project with DIN rail and Gerber files for public use. This way, anyone can order the board(s) either individually or in collaboration with others to reduce costs.

Once again, we extend our invitation to EVERYONE to participate in this project. Even if you’re not a programmer but have valuable ideas, we need your! Let’s work together towards a brighter and more automated future!


Option 1:
If you have the means but lack programming or PCB design experience, and you’re willing to invest in the project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with all the necessary information and resources to directly order the boards from China. You don’t need to send money to us or anyone else. A YouTube video report on unboxing and running the project will be sufficient.

Important: Once you confirm your readiness to order the boards, we will post a message on GitHub, notifying that fundraising is no longer required, as there is already someone who has placed the order. We will all be waiting for your video report!

Option 2:
If you can spare $1 or even less to support the development of this project, we would greatly appreciate it. At the time of creating this video, both Anton and I are unemployed and don’t have spare funds for experimenting with the project. However, we can organize a fund collection for conducting experiments.

We assure transparency in the financial aspect of the project from our side!

Option 3:
If you have any suggestions on how to achieve the successful completion of the project, please share them. We are open to various ideas that will help bring the project to a logical conclusion.

Same project, but on a Russian-language forum: https://mjdm.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7731Question