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   With System Workbench for Linux, Embedded Linux on the STM32MP1 family of MPUs from ST was never as simple to build and maintain, even for newcomers in the Linux world. And, if you install System Workbench for Linux in System Workbench for STM32 you can seamlessly develop and debug asymmetric applications running partly on Linux, partly on the Cortex-M4.
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Symbol 'SysTick_IRQn' could not be resolved

One of my machines doesn’t recognize Systick_IRQn, one setup does. Not sure if a header has been dropped in an update. Quick fix (patch) replace Sytick_IrQn with -1 . That is the Cortex M4 Systick processor exception number.

If you work with STM32CubeMX you have to check the BOX “Generate peripheral init as a pair ...”.
An ohter issue that i had was, to plug my STM32... over an USB HUB.

The document behind link pipopoplin provided was very us full for me.
I’m facing the same problem as mdundas does. I assume, that I have a more complex configuration than mdundas has, because I get error messages also for DMA1_Ch2_3_DMA2_Ch1_2_IRQn and DMA1_Ch4_7_DMA2_Ch3_5_IRQn. These are all exception numbers defined in “stm32fxc.h” in the enum “IRQn_Type”.
If I rename “SysTick_IRQn” to something else, for example to “SysTick_IRQn2”, in this header file and in my main.c, the error message disappears for the main.c If document out the definition of “SysTick_IRQn” in the header file, I get the same error message as with the original definition.
I created a new enum. All members worked fine, except “SysTick_IRQn”. The suspicion rose, that “SysTick_IRQn” is multiple defined. I renamed all “stm32fxc.h” files, except the one for my processor type. With the result, that the error for “SysTick_IRQn” was solved. When I gave one of the other “stm32fxc.h” his original name back, the error was also back. I added the following line to this file: #define Foo 1”, right after

  1. ifndef __STM32F038xx_H
  2. define __STM32F038xx_H

and in my main.c: Foo; Foo couldn’t be resolved. Then I added this piece of code right before the enumeration, same result. Now I added Foo = -1, inside the enumeration. Now Foo could be resolved!
My conclusion is, that in some mysterious way this enumeration from any of theses header files in my project find it’s way in to the program building process, even the rest of the file is ignored.
By the way, also the error messages for the other interrupt definitions disappeared.

Have look at “Forums » System Workbench for STM32» importing a CubeMX project”. The problem is raised by the indexer. Exclude unused header files from the index solved all my problems!

Hello @all

I´ve got here the same problem!

If under Project settings, you uncheck “Generate Under Root” before generating your project files it resolves the issue.

The proper solution, as explained In this FAQ entryQuestion is to uncheck “Index unused headers” from the project properties (or workspace preferences) on the C/C++ Build >> Indexer page.

Unchecking “Renerate under root” just accidentally solve this problem but creates other problems (difficulty to manage your project under SVN or GIT or to add your own source and header files for example) that made it a less-than-optimal solution.

Bernard (Ac6)

I agree with dautrevaux. Unchecking “Generate under root” is just hiding the problem, not really solving it. Source code management in this becomes extemely inconvenient as well as directory structure in the project.
Thank you, that was the solution.

Seems like the solution with keeping “Generate under root” in place found.

My current project uses L151CCT , but definitely it should work with any other.
So, in my directory ../Drivers/CMSIS/Device/ST/STM32L1xx/Include
only three working files left:


All the other headers I moved to archive just in case.
Actually it’s been said above about deleting all the other headers from this directory. I’m not so radical :-)

Definitely this is a bug (not huge, but...), that should be fixed in the next releases.

Happy STMting :-)


The proper solution, as explained In this FAQ entryQuestion is to uncheck “Index unused headers” from the project properties (or workspace preferences) on the C/C++ Build >> Indexer page. This will automatically do exactly what you have done, but in a lot cleaner way as, as soon as you need one of th eexcluded files it will again be indexed.

Bernard (Ac6)

Hmm... I’m still not too familiar with Eclipse. And, if read how many threads were created about this problem, not too many people know Eclipse in details :-)

And, BTW,
‘’To solve this error, you should request that System Workbench do not parse files that are not used by your project, by opening th eindexer properties dialog (project >> Properties >> C/C++ General >> Indexer) then check the Enable project specific settings checkbox and uncheck the Index unused headers checkbox.

You may also suppress indexing of unused headers for all projects that do not have project-specific indexer settings by modifying the workspace settings at Window >> Preferences >> C/C++ >> Indexer.’’

I could not find anything about indexer at these paths...

Nevertheless, seems like this option set be default now.