SW4STM32 and SW4Linux fully supports the STM32MP1 asymmetric multicore Cortex/A7+M4 MPUs

   With System Workbench for Linux, Embedded Linux on the STM32MP1 family of MPUs from ST was never as simple to build and maintain, even for newcomers in the Linux world.
And, if you install System Workbench for Linux in System Workbench for STM32 you can seamlessly develop and debug asymmetric applications running partly on Linux, partly on the Cortex-M4.
You can get more information from the ac6-tools website and download two short videos (registration required) highlighting:

System Workbench for STM32

where are the 'inc' directories & can the target be Reset

exporting a project that contain “virtual folder” and linked resource is not always the “good” way to snapshot or backup work.
Export will actulay copy link target and produce a real file struture (no link) what is not what one may expect
it can be convenient to export complex project with “sub project” or part of it linked and actulay hide this in the exported project (self contained)
it may brake project mainly because export will not address the “external include”
For relative path it will brake if you retsroe to a diferent place or the external move dare needed to be backup also
aboslute path wil do if you move project btu are yet not bakcup

Note that ST sample project are hard to backup as all project point to the lib hal/midllewaer etc.. :-(

A better way to build eclipse project that better export (are better indexed with better build depedencioes as wel) is to add all “include” folder as linked folder into the project tree (relative to project or by extending soem variable for instance ‘STM32xxxCUBE_BASE_LIB)
then add include path as “worksapce” path (absolute path will be resolved by eclispe)

if you do that “export” would word also for the extra folder as now part/linked to the prohject
also thsoe file will get in build dependencies what is not the case for non project “external inc”.

It’s good to use “variable” to link the lib and thrid party rather than relative path
as it more easy to manage upgrade or change in project or dependencies location (only change a variable not the full project)

if you want to bakcup just only what is contained in a “project” do not use export just copy/zip the project outside eclipse.
or use export file system sugested by alec


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