SW4STM32 and SW4Linux fully supports the STM32MP1 asymmetric multicore Cortex/A7+M4 MPUs

   With System Workbench for Linux, Embedded Linux on the STM32MP1 family of MPUs from ST was never as simple to build and maintain, even for newcomers in the Linux world. And, if you install System Workbench for Linux in System Workbench for STM32 you can seamlessly develop and debug asymmetric applications running partly on Linux, partly on the Cortex-M4.
You can get more information from the ac6-tools website and download (registration required) various documents highlighting:


System Workbench for STM32 v2.9.0 release

A new version has been released and is available through Eclipse update system (“Help > Check for Updates”) and through All-in-One installer.
STM32MP1 Family is available on Linux & Windows 64-bit.

This release introduces a new serie: G4.

The release v2.9.0 adds support for:

New STM32Cube package versions:
- STM32Cube G0 V1.2.0

Renamed boards of the STM32F7 series:
- STM32F7508-DISCO renamed STM32F7508-DK

New boards of the STM32H7 series:
- STM32H747I-DISC1
- STM32H747I-eval
- STM32H750B-DK

New boards of the STM32G0 series:
- STM32G0316-DISCO

New boards of the STM32G4 series:
- B-G431B-ESC1
- B-G474E-DPOW1
- STM32G474E-eval
- STM32G474E-EVAL1

Renamed boards of the STM32WB series:

New part numbers of the STM32G0 series:
STM32G030C6Tx, STM32G030C8Tx, STM32G030F6Px, STM32G030J6Mx, STM32G030K6Tx, STM32G030K8Tx, STM32G031C4Tx, STM32G031C6Tx, STM32G031C8Tx,
STM32G031C4Ux, STM32G031C6Ux, STM32G031C8Ux, STM32G031F4Px, STM32G031F6Px, STM32G031F8Px, STM32G031G4Ux, STM32G031G6Ux, STM32G031G8Ux,
STM32G031J4Mx, STM32G031J6Mx, STM32G031K4Tx, STM32G031K6Tx, STM32G031K8Tx, STM32G031K4Ux, STM32G031K6Ux, STM32G031K8Ux, STM32G031Y8Yx,
STM32G041C6Tx, STM32G041C8Tx, STM32G041C6Ux, STM32G041C8Ux, STM32G041F6Px, STM32G041F8Px, STM32G041G6Ux, STM32G041G8Ux, STM32G041J6Mx,
STM32G041K6Tx, STM32G041K8Tx, STM32G041K6Ux, STM32G041K8Ux, STM32G041Y8Yx

New part numbers of the STM32G4 series:
STM32G431C6Tx, STM32G431C8Tx, STM32G431CBTx, STM32G431C6Ux, STM32G431C8Ux, STM32G431CBUx, STM32G431CBYx, STM32G431K6Tx, STM32G431K8Tx,
STM32G431KBTx, STM32G431K6Ux, STM32G431K8Ux, STM32G431KBUx, STM32G431M6Tx, STM32G431M8Tx, STM32G431MBTx, STM32G431R6Ix, STM32G431R8Ix,
STM32G431RBIx, STM32G431R6Tx, STM32G431R8Tx, STM32G431RBTx, STM32G431V6Tx, STM32G431V8Tx, STM32G431VBTx, STM32G441CBTx, STM32G441CBUx,
STM32G441CBYx, STM32G441KBTx, STM32G441KBUx, STM32G441RBIx, STM32G441RBTx, STM32G441VBTx, STM32G471CCTx, STM32G471CETx, STM32G471CCUx,
STM32G471CEUx, STM32G471MCTx, STM32G471METx, STM32G471MEYx, STM32G471QCTx, STM32G471QETx, STM32G471RCTx, STM32G471RETx, STM32G471VCHx,
STM32G471VEHx, STM32G471VCIx, STM32G471VEIx, STM32G471VCTx, STM32G471VETx, STM32GBK1CBTx, STM32G473CBTx, STM32G473CCTx, STM32G473CETx,
STM32G473CBUx, STM32G473CCUx, STM32G473CEUx, STM32G473MBTx, STM32G473MCTx, STM32G473METx, STM32G473MEYx, STM32G473QBTx, STM32G473QCTx,
STM32G473QETx, STM32G473RBTx, STM32G473RCTx, STM32G473RETx, STM32G473VBHx, STM32G473VCHx, STM32G473VEHx, STM32G473VBIx, STM32G473VCIx,
STM32G473VEIx, STM32G473VBTx, STM32G473VCTx, STM32G473VETx, STM32G474CBTx, STM32G474CCTx, STM32G474CETx, STM32G474CBUx, STM32G474CCUx,
STM32G474CEUx, STM32G474MBTx, STM32G474MCTx, STM32G474METx, STM32G474MEYx, STM32G474QBTx, STM32G474QCTx, STM32G474QETx, STM32G474RBTx,
STM32G474RCTx, STM32G474RETx, STM32G474VBHx, STM32G474VCHx, STM32G474VEHx, STM32G474VBIx, STM32G474VCIx, STM32G474VEIx, STM32G474VBTx,
STM32G474VCTx, STM32G474VETx, STM32G484CETx, STM32G484CEUx, STM32G484METx, STM32G484MEYx, STM32G484QETx, STM32G484RETx, STM32G484VEHx,
STM32G484VEIx, STM32G484VETx

New part numbers of the STM32H7 series:
STM32H745BITx, STM32H745IGKx, STM32H745IGTx, STM32H745IIKx, STM32H745IITx, STM32H745XGHx, STM32H745XIHx, STM32H745ZGTx, STM32H745ZITx,
STM32H755BITx, STM32H755IIKx, STM32H755IITx, STM32H755XIHx, STM32H755ZITx, STM32H747AGIx, STM32H747AIIx, STM32H747BGTx, STM32H747BITx,
STM32H747IGTx, STM32H747IITx, STM32H747XGHx, STM32H747XIHx, STM32H747ZIYx, STM32H757AIIx, STM32H757BITx, STM32H757IITx, STM32H757XIHx,
STM32H757ZIYx, STM32H745BGTx

This release provides the following improvements:
- Introduces dedicated support for multicore MCUs
- Address “Run As” for MPU project

- Installers need at least 600Mo free space on the installation volume
- The new CDT Debug Console, that offers a powerful GDB console, is not supported yet.
- In some Linux environments the Welcome screen rendering could appear messy (empty page, missing icons). This is generally caused by an unresolved WebKit1 library required by SWT for GTK2. To restore this display issue it is advised to install the following package: $ sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-1.0-0
- On Ubuntu, version 14.04 is now required to run System Workbench for STM32
- For MAC OSX Users : Due to missing path to JRE, some users could not launch the installer. This issue is now fixed. For users who have installed the Oracle Java JDK, the old/new installers are still working.

Best regards
Tools Development Team