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System Workbench for STM32

STM32CubeMX for SW4STM32 : where is c++ compiler ?


I’ve generated a project with cubeMx for System workbench.
Now, I add some c++ classes which does not compile because they are
compiled by eclipse with gcc and not g++.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this ? I can neither find G++ options in project settings.



Hi Julien,

CubeMX generates a C project, not a C++ project, as the HAL code is fully writtent, and tested, in C.

To compile C++ code, you must convert your C project to a C++ project. You just have to use the project >> Convert to C++ project converter and it should work seamlessly.

The only thing is that you must first check that your IDE is up-to-date, by Help >> Check for Updates... as a small bug on C++ compile options was corrected recently



I am fighting with the same issues and my IDE SW4STM32 and Cube softawres are up to date.

I switched the project to C++, add the missing includes to G++ setting and change some linker settings.

Now when I compile, it look to call only yhe GCC compiler, not G++ and at the end I have an error that say : unknown type name ‘class’.




Hi Philippe,

C++ source code must be in files suffixed as .cpp, .cxx or .cc; on Linux you can also use .C (capital C) but on Windows it is equivalent to .c (lowercase C) so is compiled as C code, and not C++ code, due to the case-independent Windows filesystem...

Hope this helps,


same for me..
(error: unknown type name ‘class’)

latest eclipse, latest tools and latest libs, everything up to date.. i also renamed main.c to main.cpp. Somehow the .cpp files are not being compiled by the cpp compiler in my guess..

does someone knows any possible workaround? a thousand thanks in advance

-I”D:/BACKUP/BACKUP3/willianma/Documents/stm32projects/FreeRTOSLwIPt4dhcp2eclipseN01/Drivers/CMSIS/Device/ST/STM32F4xx/Include” -I”D:/BACKUP/BACKUP3/willianma/Documents/stm32projects/FreeRTOSLwIPt4dhcp2eclipseN01/Inc” -Os -g3 -Wall -fmessage-length=0 -ffunction-sections -c -fmessage-length=0 -MMD -MP -MF”Src/freertos.d” -MT”Src/freertos.o” -o “Src/freertos.o” “../Src/freertos.c”
In file included from ../Src/freertos.c:41:0:
D:/BACKUP/BACKUP3/willianma/Documents/stm32projects/FreeRTOSLwIPt4dhcp2eclipseN01/Inc/TestCppClass.h:10:1: error: unknown type name ‘class’
class TestCppClass {

D:/BACKUP/BACKUP3/willianma/Documents/stm32projects/FreeRTOSLwIPt4dhcp2eclipseN01/Inc/TestCppClass.h:10:20: error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘attribute’ before ‘{’ token
class TestCppClass {

make: *** Src/freertos.o Error 1

tryed the simplest class as below:

* TestCppClass.h
* Created on: Mar 31, 2016
* Author: willi

  1. ifndef _TESTCPPCLASS_H_
  2. define _TESTCPPCLASS_H_

class TestCppClass {

virtual ~TestCppClass();//destructor
void setLenght(int len);
int getLenght(void);

int lenght;

  1. endif /*_TESTCPPCLASS_H_ */

* TestCppClass.cpp
* Created on: Mar 31, 2016
* Author: willi

  1. include “TestCppClass.h”

TestCppClass::TestCppClass() {
// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub

TestCppClass::~TestCppClass() {
// TODO Auto-generated destructor stub

void TestCppClass::setLenght(int len){
lenght = len;
int TestCppClass::getLenght(){
return this->lenght;



To compile C++ code you must create a C++ project; if you have a C project, you must convert it by right clicking on your project >> Convert to C++

Then be careful, files suffixed by .c are C files, not C++ files, in which you should probably not include C++ header files (like you do above in SRC/freertos.c)...

Hope this helps,

Bernard (Ac6)


Right-click on your project, then you will find menu “Convert to C++”


If rename main.c to main.cpp i have error:
/startup/startup_stm32f303xc.s:111: undefined reference to `main’
Src/stm32f3xx_it.o: In function `DMA1_Channel3_IRQHandler’:...

Hi Everyone,

I also have same issue! After adding my C++ code to the project, and convert the project to C++, I tried to build the code, but I received “Unknown type name ‘class’” which means the compiler didn’t recognize my c++ code! Has any one found a solution to resolve this issue? I really would like to be able to run C++ code on my STM32 mcu.

Thank you.



What extension do you use for your C++ code; on Windows, as file names are case insensitive, you must use .cpp instead of .c or .C for the C++ compiler to be called; a C++ project may include both C and C++ code but will be linked as a C++ program, using the C++ linker.


Bernard (Ac6)


you may have the same problem as I had:
you also have to rename your “main.c” file to “main.cpp” if you try to include and instantiate your classes.

Best regards,