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#include in linker script

I finally found out how to proceed, I explain it for those who are interested :

You just have to follow the explanation number 3) of Giuseppe Guerrini on this thread with few modifications :


For b) I saved the script as linker_temp.c (you can either save it as linker_temp.ld)

For 3) c) go to Project > Properties > C/C++ Build > Settings > Build Steps and write the following command on Pre-build steps > Command :

arm-none-eabi-gcc -P -E ..\linker_temp.c -o ..\STM32F411RETx_FLASH.ld

See the picture attached.

Change the name of your input and output file (linker_temp.c and STM32F411RETx_FLASH.ld for me) according to your project.
And pay attention to the path of each file, even inside the linker_temp file when including your header file.



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