System Workbench for STM32

Creating a project with CMSIS drivers

Thanks for the answer Tarek. I can’t really wait till September for the LL drivers unfortunately (H7 series LL drivers aren’t available). Agreed yes they are ideal I’ve used them before and have no issues with them at all but yeah unfortunately I don’t have that sort of time.

I’m asking specifically regarding the formation of a project with CMSIS drivers already populated. Selecting no firmware does exactly as its name implies and creates a blank project (no CMSIS) which doesn’t achieve the end goal and leaves it up to me (or any other user) to manually install themselves. Given the prevalence of CMSIS it’s rather disappointing there isn’t atleast the option to include them.

Creating a HAL based project to immediately delete HAL is an innefficient and dirty method of achieving the desired result but it’s the best one I’ve found. I’m really hoping we aren’t really expected to manually install such essential components every single time, maybe someone else can point me the right way?