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STM32 AC6 compiler and SIL functional safety (IEC 61508)


I’d like to ask, whether STM32 AC6 compiler is certified for functional safety uses (IEC 61508) or whether it does need to be certified, because information I found from ST is not entirely clear to me on this. They claim to support “IAR / Arm® Keil® / GCC-based AC6 compilers” development environments for ClassB applications, but I’m interested in SIL, i. e. X-CUBE-STL and compiling our own application.

The standard says, that support tools need to be either well proven in use (and errors resolved) and/or certified as suitable for safety system application, while certified tools are more strongly recommended for SIL 3 and SIL 4.

We are developing SIL3 device with STM32, so I need to know, whether we can use AC6 compiler and in what circumstances, or whether we have to buy certified compiler, i. e. ARM Compiler 6 (IAR is probably not an option).

AC6 would need to respond to this.

My understanding is that the compiler needs to have a certified validation to a functional safety standard or you need to put in place a testing regime to show the compiler is suitable for your application.

I think it would be unlikely that SW4STM32 itself would be IEC 61508 compliant as it is a agglomeration of various tools from 3rd parties - eclipse, gcc etc.
You could argue GCC has a very wide user base...