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STM32F412/413 Nucleo Boards Debugger issues

I am hoping that someone can help me with this issue: Basically, I have the Nucleo-144 boards for the STM32F412 and 413 devices and I am unable to get anywhere with the debugger, it jumps straight into the error handling loop in the startup file. I have generated the setup with the latest version of CubeMX and added minimal functional code to the project (variable defines etc.).

I am migrating from the STM32F411 device as these new devices have more memory which is essential for my application, and I have no problems with the discovery board project that I have created for the 411. Oddly, if I use the 411’s project with a few modifications for the memory map and clock configuration I can successfully run and debug it on the 412/413 boards. I am thinking that this may be a CubeMX code generation issue, does anyone have any experience or ideas on this issue?

I am running AC6 version: on Windows 10.

I have found the issue, I had Floating-point ABI set to soft instead of softfp, all sorted now. biggrin