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Registration sucks

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Time to get rid of forcing registration just to download and review the docs. The last thing I want is you having access to my facebook profile.

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Facebook was just an option, and not the prefered one, so we have removed it as the facebook link was too cumbersome; To register, all we request is a valid email address...

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I agree that requiring people to register just to view docs is very un-open feeling. There are also red astrisks next to the phone number and address fields, which makes them look required.

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I would like to know why you need my phone number and street address? For what purpose you gather this information? How is my personal data handled and secured? I could not find any information about this in the web site, who is behind it and what are their reasons for gathering this personal information.
It does not strike confidence or trust if one has to do a whois look up to get any information about the persons and/or organisations behind a web page, when at the same time the web page in questions is asking all kinds of personal information.

It goes whit out saying I entered false information and will continue this route if no clarification is given to the issues raised in this thread.

I have no issues to share personal information if I know how they are used and that they are stored in secure manner and not disclosed to third parties whit out my consent.

I am in impression that in EU (where this web site is registered) there are laws governing the gathering of peoples personal information.

I have send this message also to the given contact e-mail address of the web site and I expect a reply.

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Are y'all meaning to say that community is forsing itself too hard on you. Sorry, i guess...
However it's not bad to register people. Consider it as a humble payment for their free and open work. And a nice work so far.

Community is good. Community needs involved peple to keep on going.

What you sho/could have said is something like: "guys, we understand that you are using some forum engine for your community. And we can see how it is not tweaked in any shape or form. We think that tweaking it towards less demanding registration would improve your/our(;) community image and make it more appealing. "

That's not what I would say though. I wouldjust say "not enough fights to view beta site feedback" message is damn rude. But since there's new "beta site" it is probably ok.

And to all you "private" people - stop freaking out and being so loud. In some10 minutes while I was writing this feedback I've created a new person for y'all.

login: testMeBabyOneMoreTime
pass: disisshit
name: Some Cryptic Dude (i'm not that PC, get over it)

Age unknown, lives in the middle of noware, was born it Tor, using 10-minute mail. It was not that hard. Being anonymus is a right as true as a right to register people.

If y'all are lazy and impatient sons of developers - use this one. Just don't change password.

Peace, Love!

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